Breadth of Experience So You Can Stay Calm


       Many companies hire for experience in computers, networking, software specialties and more. Honestly, it’s rare for a typical IT team to have the ability to bring an objective, strategic eye on how to build your company’s technology acumen towards the future while maintaining today’s performance. Our IT Consulting team brings up-to-date best practices and resources that have been in the technology and consulting fields for over a decade.

       When you engage our consulting services, you can expect a full check up on all of your systems, a conversation to find out your goals and frustrations, and a full report and summary from us. This full-check up is a lot like a wellness check with your physician. It provides the framework to drive your strategy as much or as little as your company needs; all within your budget.


       TechniLogic is here to provide the full breadth of IT Consulting, support, seasoned experience and calm composure in handling the technicalities, frustrations, and advancements in technology for your business.


The Right Platform for Compliance


       All medical environments are pushing for new EHR processes, and many companies are left clueless and overwhelmed with details they don’t know how to sort through. Our EHR Consulting can help you decide which platform you need to use, convert all the paperwork and processes to electronic, and then smoothly implement these processes into your regular routine.

       We also offer certified EHR training as we are an approved EHR partner. This will generate HIPAA assessments that specific adjustments that your company needs. Seasoned and high level EHR Consulting services can help you succeed.

Consulting Services

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