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Time to Schedule Your Check-Up

       In medical practices, we often see people skip their regular check ups and these great people forget making their health as a priority.  It is easy to give attention and focus to their health when they are suffering, but we all know it requires maintaining that attention to stay consistently healthy.  It all comes down to priorities, choices and habits.  Since life circumstances are ever-changing, it requires us to constantly check in with our bodies and make sure we’re staying on track. The truth is that this can be said of technology: it is always changing!  All the computers and IT equipment you have can become quickly obsolete because every 12 months something new is released, and who is keeping an eye on that?  After the initial fix, who can you trust in the long term?  We invite you to schedule a no-cost Health Check and allow us to share with you how to make some appropriate priorities, choices and habits.

       A Health Check from TechniLogic is relatively similar to a regular medical checkup.  We run a scan on all of your systems and spend time asking you questions about your business’s goals, frustrations, and ideas. Have other IT services failed you? Are you just growing and need someone to facilitate that? How can experienced and poised leadership assist your practice?  Let’s find out.


       From there we can surface your top issues and begin to figure out how that affects your computer systems, software, hardware, and networking, and create a tailored Health Plan for your company. We are able to offer a block of time to actually address your top issues (fix them get you up and running again), and run a scan over all of your systems, software, hardware. Basically, after we create your plan and figure out just what you need, we implement those plans, fix your frustrations, and are able to give you a full report at the end of the 10 hours.

From there, you have three options:

  • You can choose to accept the changes and continue as usual.

  • You might realize that you need TechniLogic to run a Health Check monthly.

  • You might have someone you like in that position of monthly services but you realize that they don’t know how to help you change and grow. You might need someone with more experience in different systems to help you decide whether to buy it. That is where TechniLogic can offer you a consulting plan and allow you to create your own plan tailored to your company’s needs.

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